Add PTSD to Medical Cannabis Program

Iowans with PTSD shouldn’t be denied effective treatments, especially safe alternatives to risky opioids.

Unlike most American veterans, Iowa vets cannot legally use medicines made from cannabis (marijuana) to treat PTSD.  That restriction also applies to other Iowans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Any Iowan with PTSD should not be denied access to effective treatments, especially those that are safe alternatives to risky opioids.

11/2019 meeting med cannabis call to action

It is important to note that the Veterans Administration policy on medical cannabis has changed:  “Veteran participation in state marijuana programs does not affect eligibility for VA care and services. VA providers can and do discuss marijuana use with Veterans as part of comprehensive care planning, and adjust treatment plans as necessary.” 

The Iowa Medical Cannabidiol Advisory Board decides which conditions can be treated with medicines made from cannabis. The current list of qualifying conditions can be found here: Medical Cannabidiol Information for Patients and Caregivers.

Key meeting on Friday, November 1, 2019:
Link to Agenda

On Friday, November 1, the Iowa Medical Cannabidiol Advisory Board will decide whether to add PTSD as a qualifying condition under the Iowa medical cannabis program. The meeting will take place at the Iowa Laboratory Facility, 2240 DMACC Blvd in Ankeny.

8:30 AM – A subcommittee on medical cannabis takes public comments (3 minutes per person) and then decides on a recommendation to the full committee. 

10:00 AM – Public comments will also be heard at the start of the full Board meeting at 10:00 a.m.

Before the meeting, you can email your comments to the Board at or call the office at 515-725-2076.

Tell them why you think Iowa veterans and other Iowans should have legal access to safe, professionally prepared medicines made from cannabis, just like most other Americans .

More about how the Veterans Administration views medical cannabis

Facts from the VA’s policy on medical cannabis :

  1. “Veterans must not be denied VHA services solely because they are participating in State-approved marijuana programs.”
  2. VA doctors cannot sign medical marijuana certifications, and the VA doesn’t pay for marijuana or provide it. 
  3. Veterans/others can’t possess marijuana on federal property.
  4. VA employees can’t use medical marijuana 

 Additional links regarding VA policy:

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