Statement on State Patrol, DPS misuse of tax dollars

The Governor should require repayment of taxpayer money, and hold responsible parties accountable for their poor judgment.

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Statement from State Sen. Tony Bisignano on misuse of tax dollars
by Iowa State Patrol and Department of Public Safety

“I can’t believe the silence by Governor Reynolds and other state leaders after the State Auditor reported the misuse of $40,000 in taxpayer money by the Iowa State Patrol and Iowa Department of Public Safety.

“An audit released yesterday determined that there was no legitimate reason to spend $40,000 to help move an Iowa State Patrol supervisor and his family from Adel to West Des Moines.

“The Governor should take immediate action to require the Iowa State Patrol supervisor to repay that money to the State of Iowa. She should make sure someone is held accountable for this poor judgment call, including officials who approved it.

“In addition, the Senate’s Government Oversight Committee should meet the first week of the 2020 session to investigate this matter and to recommend legislation that would stop further misuse of taxpayer dollars.”


Senator Tony Bisignano of Des Moines is the Ranking Member of the Senate’s Government Oversight Committee.