SF 342 is misguided criminal justice legislation

State Senator Kevin Kinney of rural Oxford, a veteran law enforcement officer, says new criminal penalties could make it unsafe for citizens pulled over by unmarked vehicles.

State Senator and Veteran Law Enforcement Office Speaks Out Against Misguided Criminal Legislation

DES MOINES – State Senator Kevin Kinney of rural Oxford spoke passionately this afternoon in the Iowa Senate against legislation that he says will do harm to Iowa communities.

“Thirty-five years ago, I got into law enforcement to help people, to protect people,” said Kinney, who recently retired as a Lieutenant in the Investigations Division of the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office.

During a speech during debate on Senate File 342, Kinney said that pieces the legislation are going to hurt people in our communities.

“It doesn’t even make sense,” he said.

Kinney is particularly concerned about new criminal penalties that could make it unsafe for the general public during traffic stops by officers operating unmarked vehicles.

Here’s a link to Sen. Kinney’s speech and transcript: https://youtu.be/cc9n8cpMc2w