Nicole Loew

Candidate for District 12

Meet Nicole Loew

Nicole is a nurse and researcher who is a proud rural woman. She lives with my husband, three kids, and two rescue pitbulls in Chariton. She is originally from Northwest Wisconsin, where she grew up in a rural community on a dairy farm and was very active in 4-H, my Catholic church, Girl Scouts, and sports.  

She was so inspired by the rural women in her life that she became a registered nurse and obtained her PhD in nursing from the University of Iowa to better understand and help rural Iowans.

Rural people are her bones, and she’s sick of politicians preying on rural values only to pass legislation that hurts us.

It hurts and angers her to watch rural towns shrink and struggle, schools consolidate and continually be underfunded, and families struggle to make ends meet. Rural Iowa feeds America. We are the economic engine of Iowa, and we deserve a voice. We deserve someone who isn’t going to prey on our values and sell their vote to out-of-state lobbyists and special interest groups. 

Your zip code will impact your health more than your genetic code.  And rural zip codes are worse off and policies are one of the biggest reasons why your zip code matters so much. Every single decision a legislator makes will impact your health, your community, and your life in some way, and we need legislators to recognize this.