Cynthia Paschen

Candidate for District 28

Meet Cynthia Paschen

Journalist and community activist Cynthia Paschen is running for the Iowa Senate in District 28, which includes all of Franklin, Hamilton, Hancock, Humboldt, and Wright Counties, as well as Story City and Roland. Senator Dennis Guth currently represents Senate District 28. She released the following statement: 

“I’m running for the Iowa Senate because rural Iowa needs a fighter. Under the Republican trifecta, the most fragile in our community have been ignored by our state government. I want rural Iowans to thrive. I will fight to fully fund our public schools, public libraries, and Area Education Associations (AEAs.) LGBTQ Iowans deserve to live their lives without fear or scrutiny.  I will fight to protect the reproductive freedoms of all Iowans.”

Paschen and her husband John Paschen, MD, divide their time between their Ames home and their farm in Jewell. Paschen is a journalist with the Webster City Freeman-Journal. She has worked as a volunteer with Mary Greeley Hospice and the Ames Public Library. Paschen has a Journalism degree from Iowa State University and is mother to Madeline of Chicago and October of Des Moines.

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