Deb VanderGaast

Candidate for District 41

Meet Deb VanderGaast

My name is Deb VanderGaast, and I’m running for Iowa Senate to make Iowa a great place to live, work and raise a family again. I am a registered nurse and director of a child care center for children with special needs.

For many years, I have worked behind the scenes to advocate for families, people with disabilities, and people struggling just to survive. I believe Iowa thrives when the people that live here are thriving.

I pledge to serve all the people of Iowa, regardless of gender, race, sexual identity, socioeconomic status, creed, abilities or political affiliation. Everybody deserves to have a voice in our government, and I strive to ensure their voices are heard.

My Top Priorities in Des Moines:

  • Raise the Minimum Wage in Iowa to at least $10/hr
  • Support young families and Early Childhood programs
  • Increase funding for our schools so Iowa’s schools will the best in the nation again
  • Increase access to high quality, affordable childcare so parents of young children can return to the workforce and children enter school ready to learn
  • Ensure the early childhood workforce are fairly compensated so Iowa’s children have consistent and qualified caregivers
  • Restore local and school district control over health and safety decisions
  • Support public health measures and vaccination programs to help Iowans stay safe and healthy through the pandemic
  • Ensure all Iowans have access to affordable healthcare
  • Increase access to and affordability of higher education to help people advance careers and to ensure Iowa’s workforce needs are met
  • Protect and advance reproductive health rights and guarantee bodily autonomy for all Iowans
  • Fight for racial, social, and LGBTQ+ justice and equity
  • Invest in green energy production and creating green jobs
  • Invest in public infrastructure so Iowa’s highways and communities are safe and thriving
  • Ensuring public safety nets are available to help hard working Iowans survive temporary setbacks
  • Ensure voting rights are protected and repeal all of Iowa’s voter suppression laws
  • Ensuring a just and clear plan of social and economic recovery from the pandemic· Invest more funds in affordable housing and tenant rights
  • Legalize and decriminalize cannabis