Nikole Tutton

Candidate for District 41

Meet Nikole Tutton

A rural health advocate and a champion for democracy to ensure a bright future for our children. Small business owner. Special needs Mom.

Nikole Tutton is a champion of democracy, access to healthcare, both physical and mental, for rural families, and the value of an Iowa education. She values rural Main Street preservation and clean, sustainable energy sources for Iowa.

She is running for Iowa Senate to make sure Iowans in this region have access to good jobs and livable wages, excellent education, improved roads and bridges, and our kids and seniors are safe in their schools, homes and care centers. She knows a full economic recovery can’t happen without rebuilding our care infrastructure by investing in healthcare, daycare, education and paying its workers an equitable and living wage.

She will ensure that small businesses can afford to stay open and large businesses are enticed to come here and make a profit. That renewable energy companies and those that reinforce a sustainable future for our children are especially welcomed.

Nikole lives in Mechanicsville with her husband, James, and their younger son, along with two French Bulldogs. Her oldest son attends the University of Iowa, transferring from Kirkwood. She is the Founder and Principal HR Consultant of the Iowa Talent Consortium, a human resources consulting firm. She specializes in compensation studies, federal compliance, EEO/VETS/ADA, and diversity & inclusion programs for small businesses and financial institutions.

We need a leader who understands what rural Eastern Iowans are experiencing and can meet this moment. Someone whose experience delivering for people in need gives them the compassion and backbone to stand up to the bureaucracy in Des Moines and the strength to defend the democracy we hold dear. And someone who will bring Iowa back to the place it once was where our children can grow and thrive. Nikole is that leader.