Sarah Trone Garriott

Candidate for District 14

Meet Sarah Trone Garriott

Senator Trone Garriott has always felt called to serve. Sarah is an ordained Lutheran Minister and preaches at churches throughout central Iowa. She joined AmeriCorps right out of college to help victims of domestic violence. She served as a hospital chaplain, caring for people during times of crisis. Over the course of her life, her call to service has taken many forms, including most recently as State Senator and as the Coordinator of Interfaith Engagement at the Des Moines Area Religious Council Food Pantry Network. Sarah was elected in 2020 and was the only Democrat to flip a Republican-held State Senate seat last cycle. Because Senate district 14 pairs Trone Garriott with Republican Senate President Jake Chapman, her district will be up for election in 2022. Chapman recently made national headlines when he claimed that members of the media and teachers have a “sinister agenda” and is currently sponsoring legislation to throw teachers in jail for up to a year for teaching any content that the legislature deems inappropriate.

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